Champagne Jewellery Wearing Memories

Chances are you remember the last time you opened a bottle of champagne, sharing such special moments create a cherish memory you want to lock away safely forever. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, and wedding or catching up with friends and loved ones these are memories that bring joy every time you remember them.

Now you can cherish these memories forever with the exclusive champagne jewellery range, Wearing Memories, created by Australian designer Kiron Barui. Kiron has created a novel and stylish jewellery that offers a unique range of items that have been designed to hold the cap from the top of a champagne bottle.

Kiron has been a champagne lover for many years and started to collect caps from the bottles she enjoyed with family and friends, writing on the back the date and place thus creating a unique and special memory. In collecting these caps Kiron created and amazing memory bank of her special occasions and this promoted her to develop ways to wear them leading to the design of her first piece, a sterling silver ring with the aid of a local jeweler.

It took two years for Kiron and her jeweler to perfect a beautiful ring that allows caps to be interÔÇÉchanged easily to match clothes or the occasion. In recent months Kiron has gone on to expand the range to include lockets elegantly strung with pearls, scarf rings that can store a keepsake under the cap, bracelets for both men and woman and other wonderful items to enable anyone to wear that special memory. Each piece in the range is stylish and functional and allows you to wear and remember every champagne moment.

Notes to Editors

  • Wearing Memories is a jewellery label owned and designed by champagne enthusiast Kiron Barui. The jewellery houses the caps from champagne bottles, which are interchangeable so you can wear the memory of your special event again and again.
  • All Wearing Memories jewellery are designed and manufactured wholly in Australia.
  • Wearing Memories is available online and at selected retailers, if you are interesting in stocking them please visit
  • For more information about Wearing Memories, please contact Lady Charlotte Lynham at LadyCPR on [email protected]