Kumeth: Wear. Treasured. For a lifetime.

The unique cut and appearance of outerwear has been created and valued by the tribes of Inuit for centuries. The creation required an intact family whose members supported each other in sourcing and processing its components. A beautiful coat was considered an important garment in their culture where designs and looks told a story and its hierarchical position to its admirers. Coats became a form of art, cultural heirloom and a physical possession to inherit.

KUMETH revitalises this design by living this heritage of mutual support and collaborating with strong and experienced partners to provide world class garments lasting for generations. Our dedication to details and the eclecticism of timeless and modern design is our way of facilitating communication amongst today’s admirers.

True to its philosophy, KUMETH honours the Inuits’ history and compliments its practicality with carefully selected luxury materials. KUMETH provides the value of time and pure comfort by creating long-lasting garments with contemporary design and modern elements.

When it comes to luxury outerwear KUMETH believe that perfectionism is when it appears to have machine consistency but, when wearing it, has a feeling of craftsmanship and individual integrity. The unique KUMETH garments are made exclusively by hand with care and passion from expert craftsmen in the United Kingdom and Germany.

KUMETH values its craftsmen, who create meaningful garments of pure comfort and quality. It can take up to four days to make a KUMETH coat from tailoring the individual cut, to selecting high quality fabrics and finishing it with a number of personalised luxury details.

Made to last generations, like the coats of the Inuits, KUMETH coats are not only a fashion statement but also an investment that one can cherish over a lifetime and beyond.

Notes to Editors:

  • KUMETH is a luxury outerwear brand for men and women that hand craft their coats and jackets in the United Kingdom and Germany.
  • For more information about KUMETH including lookbooks and prices see online http://www.kumeth.com/en
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