Champagne Jewellery Wearing Memories launches Ready-To-Wear Collection

Australian brand Wearing Memories is thrilled to unveil their newest jewellery collection, Ready-to-Wear, blending style and quality at an affordable price.

The R2W Collection features a ring, pendant, bracelet and buttonhole, all crafted from solid polished bronze and finished with Australian kangaroo leather. The collection is designed to hold the cap (Plaque de Muselet) from the top of a Champagne bottle that was popped in celebration of an occasion.

Kiron Barui, Wearing Memories Founder and Designer commented; “R2W, like our other collections is still designed and hand made in Australia. Our quality craftsmanship and materials remain consistent, but by using polished bronze we are able to market the pieces for more instant pop and wear moments. The R2W Collection allows our wearers to enjoy their pieces on a daily basis and spoil themselves- or someone special with more than one piece. Champagne is often at the heart of our most meaningful celebrations, and with each cork popped a memory is created. This is the essence of Wearing Memories. Our wearers love the statement pieces as they fuse together the historic traditions of Champagne with their modern fashion style.”

Wearing Memories R2W is currently retailed in Europe, America, Japan and Australia and crafted for those who seek stylish heirloom designs at an entry-level price. Wearing Memories also offer a fine jewellery range in the Couture Collection and is also able to design and make one-off bespoke pieces on request.

Notes to Editors

  • Wearing Memories is a jewellery label owned and designed by champagne enthusiast Kiron Barui. The jewellery houses the caps from champagne bottles, which are interchangeable so you can wear the memory of your special event again and again.
  • All Wearing Memories jewellery are designed and manufactured wholly in Australia.
  • Wearing Memories, including the new RTW range, is available online and at selected retailers, if you are interesting in stocking them please visit
  • Follow the Champagne trail @WearingMemories on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • For more information about Wearing Memories, please contact LadyCPR on [email protected]